Natural Color Lab Products Single Gallery Blocks


Single Gallery Blocks

Our Single gallery blocks are an individual, laminated professional print over a solid wood construction. It is the perfect alternative to a canvas gallery wrap, and will wow any client.

Find Gallery Blocks in our ROES and ROES RTP Launches.

Optional Hanging Hardware is Available for an additional $5.50

Single Block   Price
8x8   $25.99
8x10   $26.99
10x20   $43.99
11x14   $31.99
12x12   $36.99
16x16   $50.99
16x20   $59.99
16x24   $62.99
20x20   $62.99
20x24   $71.99
20x30   $84.99
24x24   $84.99
24x30   $101.99
24x36   $122.99