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Online Web Hosting

Web Wallets:

Available through Natural ROES and ROES RTP


Web wallets are specifically designed to advertise our online proofing sites during the function they are promoting. They combine the subjects name(s), function date, log in information and text area for the photographers information.

All of the cards have a space in which you can drop one of your images in to showcase your photography.

Web Wallets


96 Web Wallets: $15.00


Marketing your Images Digitally: Online Web Hosting

Online image presentation sites

Our online image presentation sites allow wedding guests and family and friends to view images from school portraits, family portrait sessions or functions they attend, from anywhere in the world. These sites offer shopping carts and accept credit cards. There are two methods of accepting orders. Basic online orders go directly to the photographer and the photographer collects the money and fulfills the order. Or choose our Natural Fulfillment option and we will print, run payment and ship your clients order direct to them, with no paperwork so the order looks like it's coming direct from the site. With fulfillment we charge a 10% commission fee, normal print prices and $5.95 shipping fee. All money is credited to the photographers Natural Color account, and at the end of each month if there is no outstanding balance on the account a check will be issued to the photographer for the remaining credit balance.




These sites feature: personalization, online editing, rotating, sorting, greeting cards, slide shows, your pricing, and shopping carts.

They also have guest books for viewers to leave comments for client and send greeting cards to anyone in the world. More than 2 million visitors from over 80 countries have logged in to date!

Guest books for viewers



Online Web Wallets

Use these sites as a marketing tool and allow perspective clients to view your online Sample Albums. Our web team has taken extra care to protect the photographers copyright.
If someone tries to save or print an image, the program will not allow it. Web wallets are available to enhance marketing.



Online Viewing Direct: via ROES RTP
First 50 Images: $0.10 each
51+ Images: $0.02 each

Online Viewing Color Correct: via Natural ROES
First 50 Images: $0.25 each
51+ Images: $0.17 each