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Retouching Services

Retouching Services

Don't spend all your valuable time in front of the computer when the digital artwork team here at NCL can do the work for you. From basic retouching to more elaborate full image restorations, we can do it all.


Digital Retoucing Services:

Request under Image Options when ordering in Natural ROES.
Digital retouching is broken down into three categories.

Basic: softens facial lines and eye bags, and removes blemishes.

Single Head: $5.50
Additional Heads: $3.00
Group retouching available for 4 or more people (basic only) $10.00


Heavy: softens/removes facial lines, eye bags, rough skin, and removes heavy blemishes and facial scars. Moles and freckles removed UPON REQUEST ONLY.

Single Head: $7.50
Additional Heads: $5.25

Extensive: softens/removes facial lines, heavy eye bags, facial scars, age spots, double chins and neck lines. Moles and freckles removed UPON REQUEST ONLY.

Single Head: $9.50
Additional Heads: $7.25


To ensure quality we automatically upgrade retouch service levels when an incorrect request is apparent. Artwork is not archived, so be sure to order a CD of your retouching.



Restorations $100.00 per hour
Remove/Tone Down Facial Shine $7.00
Remove Redness/Rash $5.00
Remove Scar or Mole $5.00
Eliminate Stray Hair – Simple $5.00
Eliminate Stray Hair – Complex $10.00
Enhance Eyes (whiten whites/brighten iris) $5.00
Remove/Add Catchlights $5.00
Remove Glass Glare – Simple $10.00
Remove Glass Glare – Complex $20.00
Repair Eyeglass Refraction $7.00
Remove Eyeglass Shadow $5.00
Remove Upper Braces $20.00
Remove Upper & Lower Braces $30.00
Whiten Teeth $5.00
Add a tooth/Fill in Gaps $5.00
Reduce 5 O'Clock Shadow $15.00
Remove Foreign Objects – Simple $5.00
Remove Foreign Objects – Complex QUOTE
Head Swap/Eye Open (same sitting) $30.00
Head Swap/Eye Open (different sitting or lighting) $50.00
2nd Head/Same Image $15.00
2nd Head/Different Image $30.00