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Album Design Services

album design services

Don't want to spend your valuable time designing albums? Then let us do the work for you! Our design team will custom create your one of a kind album design, and send you an e-mail of the layout for approval in about 2 weeks.

Ordering is as easy as sending us the images you'd like in the album via Natural ROES or ROES RTP's "digital drop box no prints" catalog. Simply add all the images in, and in the order instructions let us know the following:

  • Size of the album
  • Any information that the designer should know, like having certain images highlighted or if you have a color scheme in mind.
  • E-mail address you'd like the proof sent to


Once the album design is approved you can let us know the album cover information via e-mail to or send in your cover via ROES with the album order info and we'll combine the pages with your designed cover.