Natural Color Lab Photo Lab Rhode Island

Professional Photo Printing at Your Fingertips

High quality, professional photo printing and photo products can be hard to find at reasonable prices online or in areas like Rhode Island. If you’re looking to have your professional photography showcased, printed, promoted, or simply framed for display, you’ve come to the right place.

At Natural Color Lab, we have been providing photographers, artists, and designers with quality traditional photo printing and digital photo printing services for more than 30 years.

Upload your Work to a Professional Photo Lab

Don’t let retouching, restoration, and other graphic enhancements keep you tied up in front of the computer all day. Feel free to visit our location or upload your work online on our site and get back out there snapping photos and building your business.

We offer several ways to safely upload your photos, including ROES downloadable software and easy upload through Let us know what you need and our friendly customer service representatives can walk you through the rest! We promise professional photo lab quality from our expert team of designers and specialists.

Digital Photo Printing Services and Canvas Prints

Rhode Island customers and beyond can take advantage of the numerous photo printing services we offer, including prints from digital photography. Simply upload your prints and we’ll transform them into high resolution traditional prints.

We can transfer those prints onto a variety of print surfaces including canvases. Allow us to showcase your photography by displaying prints on Traditional Artist Canvas, Photo Gallery Wrap Canvas, or even Giclee Gallery Wrap Canvas.

Exceptional Customer Service

The customer is a top priority here at Natural Color Lab. Our team of customer service representatives is standing by to assist you with your photo needs. You can depend on us to deliver state-of-the-art professional prints and photo products.