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Access to a Professional Photo Lab Right from Your Own Studio

At Natural Color Lab, we deliver superior customer service and state-of-the-art photo services and products. We have been working with professional photographers, artists and designers for more than 30 years. Our services are available in person and online right from your own studio in Maine.

Professional Photo Printing

Why spend the extra time trying to print your own photographs when you can simply upload them to Natural Color Lab and receive exceptional photo printing services?

Let us take care of the details for you. At Natural Color Lab we are a professional photo lab offering quality products and services such as traditional prints, digital photo printing, custom templates, custom metal photo prints, canvas prints, canvas gallery wraps, custom framing, album design, retouching services and more.

Whether your studio is in Maine or across the U.S., you can upload your photos to our online professional photo printing lab and our artists and designers can do the rest.

Offering Professional Photo Lab Products

Need quick and easy access to your slides and negatives? Let Natural Color Lab upload them to the web or scan them to a CD or DVD. What about photo restoration or retouching? We can do that for you!

Need professionally printed cards, photo albums, or photo books? Not a problem. Our team of qualified photo professionals can make it happen.

We also sell wholesale to photographers for easy resell to their customers and clients. We understand the importance of presentation. Give us a call and allow us to showcase your photography and art.

At Natural Color Lab customer satisfaction is the principle of our business. We provide quality product with fast service at a competitive price!

Get started today! Call us at 800-342-0900 or email us through our