Natural Color Lab Products Package Prints Trading Cards


Trading Cards

We offer trading cards in two different styles, press printed or photographic, each with over 20 different sports or activities to choose from. All templates are completely customizable for player’s name, team and position. Backgrounds can be filled with any color of your choosing.

Photographic Trading Cards

Printed on photographic paper, the trader front and back are bonded together to form a sturdy card. You can also just purchase the front and will not have to pay for the bonded back. Trader fronts will not be die cut and come in sheets of 8. Bonded traders come cut and packed in clear bags.

Press Printed Trading Cards

For an economical alternative, consider our double sided press printed trading cards. These are printed front to back on a single sheet of 100lb weight satin texture paper to create the double sided card. They come die cut and ready to hand out!