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Our 2.25 round buttons are perfect for undergrads, dance schools and sports teams! Any occasion you can apply your own design right on the blank DYO template.

Find these in our ROES and ROES RTP in the Undergrads Tab

Package Prints (Undergrads, Proms, Dance Schools & Sports)

This category is to be used strictly for your main bulk order on your proms, sports teams, and undergrad sessions. There is a $25 minimum per order and 1 Unit Sheet per file must be ordered. Cannot be used for weddings or senior portraits, all orders coming in that do not meet the minimum or do not qualify for package printing will be upgraded to standard reprints/units. You can custom create your own packages in our Natural ROES, so all you have to do is drop your image into the pre-set package and your image will be printed in all the sizes you added with one easy click!

8 up wallets can be die cut for a fee. Window Envelope packaging available. Full, half and quarter units available (see list of available sizes). For best results your subject distance and lighting set up should be consistent for each exposure.

Memory mates, magazine covers, traders, calendars, sports fun packs and big tickets are available for your sports packages. Magnetic backing available.

Chromaluxe key chains, plaques, license plate frames, mouse pads, easels and clip boards also available as a great add on for your sports teams



It is important for us to offer many unique options for our clients so they don't have to worry about searching elsewhere for what they need.

-Danielle Donovan,
Natural Color Lab

Big Tickets

Big Tickets are a 10x15 photographic item designed as an add on to your sports packages.


2.25 Round Buttons Perfect for any occasion

Chromaluxe Magnets

Chromaluxe Magnets are perfect for your sports teams as an exciting add on.

Fun Packs

Fun Packs are a 5-in-1 laminated and die cut product.

ID Cards

Pefect solution for your school ID needs

Magazine Covers

We offer 8x10 Magazine Covers for over 20 different sports and activities.

Memory Mates

We offer over 20 different sports for our 8x10 Memory Mates.

Package Prints & Sizes

Photo Tickets

Photo Tickets are bookmark sized tickets perfect for your sports team packages.

Sports Calendars

These photographic 8x10 year calendars come in over 20 different sports and activities.

Sports Clipboards

Coaches love the dry erase feature of our clipboards! Available in gloss hardboard and imaged on two sides.

Sports Keychain

Chromaluxe Key Chains are a perfect add on for your school packages.

Trading Cards

We offer trading cards in two different styles, press printed or photographic, each with over 20 different sports or activities to choose from.