Natural Color Lab Services

Custom Artwork Services

Custom Artwork Services

Custom Artwork Services

Let our talented artists create one of a kind creations using your digital images, negatives or photographs. Choose from a variety of our standard options or ask us to custom create your one of a kind design.

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Options Include, but are not limited to the following:

* Full Restorations

* Selective Colorization

* Full Colorization

* Adding/Changing Backgrounds

* Digital Paint Effects

* Adding/Removing People or Objects

* Full Restorations

Full Color RestorationsDifital RestorationsNew Background


Digital Restorations/Custom Artwork: $100 per per hour

Estimates are provided upon request, we cannot give estimates over the phone since we need to see the image to properly quote you a price. Prices fluctuate depending on the quality of your photograph and the required amount of work you desire. We cannot accept any framed photographs since we cannot assume any responsibility of possible damage while taking the photograph out of the frame.

To Upload your image for a custom quote please use our Natural ROES sofware using the Catalog: Digital File Uploads No Prints. In the Order Instructions give us detailed instructions and we will get back you promptly with a quote.