Natural Color Lab Products USB Drives & Boxes


Natural USB Drives and Boxes

Set a new standard in image presentation with our Natural USB Drives and Presentation Boxes.

We offer traditional swivel USB Drives in many colors and GB options as well as our Custom Wood Drives where your logo is beautifully embedded on your choice of maple, walnut or cherry wood.

Want to really make a statement? Then try our Credit Card USB Drives, these flat drives are created to impress clients and vendors alike with their sleak design. The front and back of the card are completely created by you.

Make your USB Drives POP with one of many deluxe box presentations, including our Rustic Wood Slide Box, Luxe Box, and Color Snap Box.


You can find our new Natural USB Drives and Boxes in ROES and ROES RTP under the Natural USB Drives Catalog.

All Boxes and Swivel/Wood USB Drives are logo based only, preferably black text on a white background. No images with color can be accepted.


40 Pack Swivel USB (512MG ONLY)

Order in bulk and save with our 40 Pack of USB drives

Color Snap Box

Stylish and Fresh Boxes for your Swivel & Wood USB Drives

Credit Card USB Drives

Showcase your work to vendors and clients with these modern USB Drives!

Luxe Boxes

Luxurious Hinged box Presentation for your Swivel or Wood USB Drives

My Site USB Drives

Custom USB Drives with your embedded website

Rustic Wood Boxes

Two piece slide box perfect for your USB or USB/print presentation!

Square Wood USB Drives

Stylish Wooden Flash Drives in three custom finishes

Swivel USB Drives

Mix & Match Swivel USB Drives